Radiopharamacy Automation

Posi-Med's customized equipment will help you introduce new products and maintain your competitive edge while reducing operating costs and radiation exposure.

Founded in 2010, Posi-Med LLC provides customized and highly efficient equipment to radio pharmacies and research institutions worldwide. Core products include our fully automated robotic dispensing systems (AseptiBot®) which can support a variety of radiopharmaceutical preparations including single dose syringes, gel capsules, and vials. All dispensing stations are equipped with state of the art SCARA manipulators that are capable of processing large batches in an efficient and safe manner. Pharmacies can significantly reduce radiation exposure of personnel through the use of automated dispensers and furthermore eliminate human error by greatly improving dispensing accuracy. Posi-Med also provides integrated lead shielding and air handling systems suitable for a variety of situations and fully compliant with USP recommendations for dispensing of radiopharmaceuticals (USP 797). Our objective is to provide the safest and most efficient equipment at the lowest operating cost enabling customers to maintain their competitive edge.