Model Tc-99m

TheTc-99mAseptiBot®fills syringes asepticallyand consistently withaccuracy unattainable through manual operation. The lead-shielded enclosure exceeds requirements forCompounding Aseptic Isolators(CAI) per USP 797, protecting the product from contamination. TheTc-99mdoes not require a clean room and furthermore incursno added expense for consumables. The system can use standard syringes and vials provided by any manufacturer.

The station can be pre-loaded with up to 20 syringes and pigs per batch. The fully automated operation leaves pharmacists free to do other tasks while doses are being dispensed. Each syringe is automatically assayed in a dose calibrator and placed into a shielded container (pig) therefore allowing for safe handling without hand exposure. 

View official Tc-99m documentation.